Parking Lot Sealing

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Fed Spec Sealer By Gem Seal


We are proud to offer our clients Gem seal fed spec, a high grade commercial blend of refined tar emulsion.  It is designed to look great and withstand heavy traffic. Fed Spec sealer will last up to 4 times longer than oil based sealants!! It has a matte finish, is dry to the touch in about an hour, and can be driven on in about 6 hours.

Fed Spec Sealer is the best defense against oil, gas and other solvents. It is the best choice to protect your parking lot and make your buisness look great. We are focused on one thing, keeping your parking lot in the best possible condition while saving you money.

Ultra 3 Polymer Additive

Ultra 3 polymer additve provides superior adhesion to the asphalt, improved  crack resistance, and allows us to suspend sand in the sealer ( fills small imperfections and provides grit and traction)
Reduces wet track abrasion resistance (ASTM D3910) loss by more than %50 asphalt maintenance parking lot sealing Parking Lot Sealing in Collingwood

Rapid Set

 It substantially reduces drying time and power steering marks in the finished coating. 

 Sealer dries blacker with improved strength and durability