Why Seal Your Asphalt should i seal my driveway

Because It Saves You Money!!!


Prevent Oxidation

The sun’s ultraviolet rays harden and dry out asphalt pavements. This leads to the acceleration of erosion. Once this process starts it can reduce the thickness of your asphalt in just a few short years. Sealcoating combined with a regular maintenance program will greatly reduce the speed of this natural process.

Stops Weather Damage

Properly sealed cracks combined with sealcoating prevent the damaging effects of water penetration that occur over time. When sealcoating is a part of a regular maintenance routine that includes asphalt crack repair, it is the most effective way to prevent water infiltration and eliminate many costly repairs throughout the life of your asphalt.

Beautify Your Pavement

Regular sealcoating restores the asphalts’ rich black finish. It adds to the aestetic of your home and contrasted with freshly striped parking lot lines, it also provides a safe and orderly business environment. The smooth even surface of sealed pavement makes maintenance, snow removal and sweeping less costly.

Resist Gas, Oil & Salt

Sealer helps your asphalt to resist gas, oil seepage and other road chemicals - including winter salts - that damage and shorten the life of your pavement.

Increase Safety on the Property

A well maintained parking lot is free of defects that can potentially cause an accident. Protect your business from liability in the event there is an accident on your property with a properly sealed and maintained lot

Maintaining the parking lot of any company makes a vital contribution to its longevity and ultimate success. Eager Beaver specializes in maximizing the life of asphalt pavements and protecting them from the elements of time. Our extensive knowledge and experience in asphalt sealcoating offers companies and property owners a superior solution to maintaining their asphalt investment. should I seal my driveway in Collingwood asphalt sealing?

Case Study

 You can’t deny the curb appeal of a freshly sealed parking lot with crisp striping for safe and easy navigation but if that isn't enough for you then check out this case study and see just how much pavement maintenance can save you in the long run