Duct Cleaning


Why Clean your ducts

  • Reduce Dusting – Duct cleaning can help to reduce dusting by removing the dust that is recirculating through the home (often since construction) Clean ducts mean clean floors, clean walls, clean air and clean breathing.
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality -Cleaner air inside the home where we spend the majority of our time only makes sense. We specialize in cleaning dust from your heating, and cooling system so you and your family  can enjoy cleaner air in your home.
    Duct Cleaning may also help alleviate allergy & asthma symptoms
  • Save Money & Energy – a dirty AC coil  with a buildup of particulate can result in decreased  efficiency . After Duct Cleaning  more air flows through clean ducts. More heat gets from your furnace to where you want it.
  • Extended Equipment Life -Keeping your furnace in peak operating condition eliminates costly repairs and breakdowns and extends the life of the HVAC Equipment

The Process

  • Air sweeps and Whipper rods are used to loosen stubborn build up and pull it into the vacuum
  •  Every vent is covered to ensure that no dust blows back into the home
  • the vacuum is connected to your main ductwork just above the furnace 
  • compressed air tools and agitation tools are used to push debris from the vents and connected piping down into the main ductwork while disinfecting each of them
  • Air sweeps and Whipper rods are used to loosen stuborn build up and pull it into the vacuum